• Duration 4-5 hours

Max. Altitude:

  • Altitude 4110 M

Best Season:

  • Best Season May-September


  • Country Switzerland


  • Country Moderate
  • The Mönch is the most climbed of the peaks of the three peaks of the Berner Trilogy. It has easy access from the Jungfraujoch rail station, the convenient and close by Mönchsjochhütte, its spectacular setting in the heart of the Berner Oberland, and a variety of good routes all contribute to its popularity.

    Situated in south-central Switzerland, Mönch rises 4.107 meters above sea level and offers an excellent mountaineering challenge for novice climbers looking for big peak experience as well as a great warm-up for more advanced climbers with their eye on summiting eiger and jungfrau.

    The whole climb takes less than one day. However, for a more leisurely pace, some guides also offer it in two days.Once you have arrived at the Jungfrau station, reaching the summit takes about two or three hours and returning back to the station takes another two hours. Climbers who plan on taking two days will generally stay in the nearby Mönch hut.Heading down to other mountain huts in order to climb either Eiger or Jungfrau also only takes a few hours.


    • Carabiners, both standard, and locking.
    • Climbing harness.
    • Crampons.
    • Helmet.
    • Ice axe.
    • Personal anchoring system.
    • Trekking poles.
    • Baselayer tops and bottoms that fit snugly, but do not constrict. No cotton.
    • Camera and extra batteries.
    • Cash in Swiss francs (CHF) and credit card.
    • Climbing pack, at least 30 litres.
    • First aid kit
    • Fleece or windbreaker.
    • Gaiters, waterproof and comfortable.
    • Gloves, three pairs: liner, softshell and leather climbing pairs.
    • Hardshell pants and jacket, both of which should be waterproof and fit comfortably over the base layer and softshell layers.
    • Hiking boots for the approach and mountaineering boots for the ascent.
    • Hiking socks
    • Insulated jacket, preferably lightweight.
    • Insurance
    • Shorts, for the approach.
    • Softshell pants and jacket, both of which should fit comfortably over the base layers or without the base layers. No cotton.
    • Sun cream, lip balm and sun glasses
    • Sun hat and knit cap, preferably synthetic or wool.
    • Water bottle, at least one-litre. Some guides also recommend a hydration system, such as MSR Hydrometry (a more durable version of Camelbak).
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