MATTERHORN (4,478M) 2 days CHF 3'500 per person


  • Duration 2 Days

Max. Altitude:

  • Altitude 4,478M

Best Season:

  • Best Season Spring


  • Country Switzerland


  • Country Moderate
  • The Matterhorn (4,478m), or Cervino, is perhaps the most famous mountain in Europe. It may be its chiseled rock pyramid shape that stands out. Or perhaps the fact that it is so iconic that it has become a landmark in the continent.Nestled in the Swiss Alps, birthplace of climbing, an ascent of the Matterhorn hearkens back to the purist traditions of climbing. The Matterhorn, which stands over the town of Zermatt, is nearly steeple-like in both structure and magnetism. The region nearby is comprised of lush meadows and pristine landscapes. The combination of scenic beauty, superb lodging, and the ability to challenge oneself by day and live in luxury by night, makes climbing in Switzerland a rather comfortable alpine experience.

    This unique opportunity to climb in one of the most famous climbing regions in the world is unrivaled in excellence and quality. Climbs in previous years have enjoyed 100% summit success. Our most recent season had a great success rate, with 9 out of 11 climbers reaching the summit.

    The Matterhorn is a technical alpine rock, snow, and ice climb. This climb requires climbers to have previous experience rock climbing (5.7 grade) in boots and being comfortable climbing on steep firm snow and ice. Along with the technical level, summit day on the Matterhorn is extremely physical, requiring climbers to be in excellent physical condition. Prior climbs like Rainier, Denali, and the Ecuador Volcanoes are good experience for the snow and ice portions. Climbers will also need to have alpine rock experience to be accepted to this program.

    The history of the Matterhorn and the amount of material available regarding the mountain is so vast that any attempt to cover it all on a simple web page is futile. Many books have been written and photo books published about the mountain and its history. Yet, this magnificent mountain must be represented to some degree on Summitpost. This page should give Summitpost members and visitors an overview of the mountain and an opportunity to share personal experiences and photos. 


    • Carabiners, both standard, and locking.
    • Climbing harness.
    • Crampons.
    • Helmet.
    • Ice axe.
    • Personal anchoring system.
    • Trekking poles.
    • Baselayer tops and bottoms that fit snugly, but do not constrict. No cotton.
    • Camera and extra batteries.
    • Cash in Swiss francs (CHF) and credit card.
    • Climbing pack, at least 30 litres.
    • First aid kit
    • Fleece or windbreaker.
    • Gaiters, waterproof and comfortable.
    • Gloves, three pairs: liner, softshell and leather climbing pairs.
    • Hardshell pants and jacket, both of which should be waterproof and fit comfortably over the base layer and softshell layers.
    • Hiking boots for the approach and mountaineering boots for the ascent.
    • Hiking socks
    • Insulated jacket, preferably lightweight.
    • Insurance
    • Shorts, for the approach.
    • Softshell pants and jacket, both of which should fit comfortably over the base layers or without the base layers. No cotton.
    • Sun cream, lip balm and sun glasses
    • Sun hat and knit cap, preferably synthetic or wool.
    • Water bottle, at least one-litre. Some guides also recommend a hydration system, such as MSR Hydrometry (a more durable version of Camelbak).
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